Divinity Of Swaminarayan Dham

       Conscious belief in the eternal presence of the Divine and Supreme Lord Swaminarayan in form of Murti and the divine presence of the grand dynasty of Satpurush, established by Lord Swaminarayan, is itself the essence of Swaminarayan Dham’s divinity.
       In today’s modern era, an eternal flow of the golden wishes of Lord Swaminarayan and his grand dynasty of Satpurush is being fulfilled and translated into a reality.
       The process of fulfilling these wishes and translating them into this phenomenal reality emanates from these divine grounds at Swaminarayan Dham.
       This is resonating in echoes reaching out to each and every corner of the world. The essence of each wish presents itself in every particle of soil on the grounds at Swaminarayan Dham.  It is for this reason that in his blessings, HDH Bapji has declared it as “The Place for Determination”
       On the day of the opening, whilst giving his blessings, HDH Bapji stated that ‘Swaminarayan Dham is no ordinary place, the epic wishes of Lord Swaminarayan will be spread across the globe in powerful force from here – this is the Land of Lord Swaminarayan’s wishes. No matter how much of a sinner or loser a person may be, if he appreciates the greatness of this place and touches a pinch of it’s dust over his head then his sins will be forgiven this is the greatness of this divine place.”
       A divine wonder of Swaminarayan Dham is that if a visitor enters its grounds for worship, he immediately experiences a strong sensation of divinity and purity. His soul overflows with feelings of bliss, peace and divine love.
       The devotion and spiritual force with which Lord Swaminarayan was addressed in prayer on the day of opening was phenomenal and it is without doubt that Lord Swaminarayan is the divine power making the fulfillment of these wishes possible.
       Thousands of people from all around the world flock to Swaminarayan Dham in hope of fulfilling their hopes and dreams. They have experienced life changing phenomena by offering a prayer at the feet of Lord Swaminarayan at Swaminarayan Dham.
       In appreciation of the greatness of Swaminarayan Dham, -  The Place for Determination, many devotees from all around the world offer five prostrations in gratitude, as they enter the grounds.
As they enter the grounds, great beings and divine Satpurush such as HDH Bapji and HH Swamishri also offer their prostrations in honour of its true greatness.