The Swaminarayan sect has spread across the entire globe, boasting its flag of glory, leaving not even a single country untouched. There is only one reason accountable for this and that is this eternal flow of divine wishes emanating from Lord Swaminarayan and His divine Satpurush.
       There is an innate strength present in their wishes. From a practical perspective these wishes may seem totally unachievable and therefore are candidates for much doubt.
       However, the time surely arrives when each wish becomes an extraordinary reality.
       It is at this time that the true greatness of the wish and the divine Satpurush from whom it originated becomes evident.
       During a preaching tour in 1996, HDH Bapji and HH Swamishri were on route from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar. After entering Gandhinagar and driving along a short distance, HDH Bapji suddenly asked the driver to stop the car and pull over to the side. He pointed with the finger of his hand and said to HH Swamishri, “Swami! - Lord Swaminarayan and Jivanpran Abjibapashri want to make a big ‘dham’ (heavenly abode) and reside here with their divine fellowship – this is their wish”
       At the time of HDH Bapji unveiling this wish, only 10 years had elapsed since the SMVS organisation had been established and there were only 15 saints offering their service. From a practical perspective, HDH Bapji’s wish was not one to be easily understood or absorbed, but it was his wish and it was he who would ultimately fulfill it.
       From this day whenever HDH Bapji passed by this plot during his journeys from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, he would repeatedly point his finger at that plot of land and re-convey the wishes.
       When one thinks of true dedication of disciple to teacher, HH Swamishri is a personality which springs immediately to mind. HH Swamishri grasped this opportunity to fulfill the wish of HDH Bapji. He expended great efforts to attain the vast plot of land upon which HDH Bapji had conveyed his wishes to create the heavenly abode. Many obstacles obstructed the path to reaching this goal, however none of these were strong enough to victor against the will of Lord Swaminarayan.
       HDH Bapji’s great wish became a reality on Saturday 25th April, 1998.  HH Swamishri held a ‘Bhumi Darshan Samaroh’ (Gathering to view the divine land) in honour of this achievement. All the organisation’s devotees were invited to the newly purchased plot of land where HH Swamishri unveiled HDH Bapji’s great wishes and declared the plans to create “Swaminarayan Dham”



Swaminarayan Dham Bhoomi Pujan

18 February 2001

Inaugural Ceremony of Swaminarayan Dham

31 December 2001

Inaugural Ceremony of 'Sant Ashram' Building

31 December 2001

Inaugural Ceremony of Swaminarayan Dham Gurukul

9 June 2002

Inaugural Ceremony of Swaminarayan Dham Vidhyalaya

12 June 2003

Inauguration of the Swaminarayan Dham International School

7 May 2006

Inauguration of “Bapashri Avas” building

17 December 2006

Inauguration of “Bhakti Niwas” building

31 October 2008