What is Swaminarayan Dham ?

       Each individual will try many things to attain true and blissful peace. Their thought will remain constantly engaged in the search for a medium by which all desires, intentions and wishes for happiness and peace can be fulfilled. Does such a medium exist ? Yes indeed it does!...a remarkable medium, incredible beyond all imagination and astounding beyond recognition of words the medium is Swaminarayan Dham.
       Swaminarayan Dham is a truly divine place where traditional values of Indian heritage and pure essence of the Swaminarayan Sect and its esteemed principles and values can be visualized as personified.
       Qualities such as faith, devotion, conduct, friendship, harmony and unity are core values which are at its heart. These are overlaid with qualities necessary for spiritual progression including, spiritual knowledge, understanding of the principles of the Lord’s Supremacy, unshakeable faith in the Lord, adherence to religious rules, conscious belief of the ever presence of the Lord and communion with saints. Core values and spiritual guidance combined, form the true essence and existence of Swaminarayan Dham.
       Hundreds of thousands of people visiting this place have been touched by a true sensation of peace and purity through an exquisitely beautiful yet natural atmosphere experienced in Swaminarayan Dham. This experience gives rise to a strong feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the greatness of Swaminarayan Dham.
       The inspirer for Swaminarayan Dham, HDH Devnandandasji Swamishri (HDH Bapji) graced the opening of this divine place with great blessings on December 31st 2001.
       In actuality, this is his great gift laid at the feet of the Swaminarayan Sect and to Indian Heritage itself a truly monumental contribution from SMVS.